My Fake Plastic Christmas Tree

Tree FAQ

1. Who played all of the instruments on the song? I played all of the instruments including the guitar, piano, handbells and sleigh bells.

2. Who sings on the song? I sing the main song and my wife and four children back me up on the final chorus.

3. How did you make the video? The video was made using a technique called stop motion. The tree and scene are posed and then a picture is taken with a camera mounted on a tripod. The tree was then moved slightly and another picture was taken. When you sequence the photos together, it creates the movement and animation. I took almost 900 pictures to make the movie.

4. How tall is the Christmas tree in the video? The tree is 9 inches tall.

5. What is the tree in the video made of? I made it out of pipe cleaners. You can make one too by following this tutorial.

6. Do you still have the original fake Christmas tree you bought at Costco? Yes, but a big section of lights has gone out on it and I am going to have to figure out how to replace them this year.

7. Do you ever buy a real Christmas tree? Yes. The last couple of years we have had the fake Christmas tree in our front room and a real tree in our family room. I love the way a real tree smells.

8. Do you really have a Christmas tree in each room of the house? Almost. Last year I think we had 5 trees total. The two mentioned above, a small fake one in my oldest sonís room, a small fake one in the room my two youngest sons share and a small pink one in my daughterís room.